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Bug Stuff is 100% Natural and Organic


There is a difference between natural and natural organic. Bug Stuff is natural and organic. The reason this is important is that some competitors in this industry contain alcohol and petroleum. Alcohol and petroleum are natural ingredients yet not organic. Other ingredients in competitors’ products are also natural, yet not organic.

Bug Stuff is 100% natural and organic. It is made of the purest ingredients found throughout the world.  

Bug Stuff is food grade and can be used on infants and small animals. If they lick it off, no problem, it is food grade. This is why it is exempt from the EPA under section 25(b) for no further inspection as it contains no chemicals.

Bug Stuff has been voted the #1 natural Insect repellent in the USA!

About the history of the company

Bug Stuff Was developed by H2Outings, LLC. The development included research throughout the world looking for the number one natural organic ingredients in varying countries. The ingredients were then handed over to our chemist for formula development and testing. Bug stuff has been tested in and is shipped throughout the United States and abroad.