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Made in the USA!

Bug Stuff is 100% Natural and Organic


Bug Stuff is the only all natural, organic, USA made, insect repellent to repel both ticks and ants. It works to ward off all flying, biting insects!

EPA, FDACS, and DOA approved. Bug Stuff is also exempt from any further review from EPA as it does not contain any chemicals.

The ingredients in Bug Stuff have been determined by the CDC to be 100% natural equivalent to “DEET” without any chemicals!

Bug Stuff contains Nootkatone, a natural ingredient derived from organic grown Alaska yellow cedar and cold pressed organic grapefruit peeling and seeds. With its pleasant scent and potent insect-repelling properties, Nootkatone, a natural and organic ingredient, enhances the effectiveness of our product.


#1 Repellant To Fight Off All Biting Insects, Ticks & Ants

The Mosquito on Screen Sucking Blood
Tick Insect on the Grass
Little Ant Hold Biting on Food
Black fly on a Leaf
Mosquito sitting on the hand of child. Gnat sucking blood. Danger of bite of an insect.
Bug Stuff is 100% Natural and Organic

What Our Customers Say


Sprayed my baseboards in my kitchen with Bug Stuff The ants the exterminator could not stop coming in have not been back.


Spray my dog. He no longer has fleas.

Dr. William Sapp Perry Animal Hospital

Recommend to all my patients. Especially one with compromised health.

Mike Team Williams Printing & Signs

Stopped all bugs, especially ants, from digging around my sliding glass door.

Captain Mike Mike Baker Charters

Finally found something to tame the Everglades.

Captain Tony Mathis YKnotFish

Use it on my Charter Boat every time an insect comes aboard. My customers love it.

Angela Bubsie's Bait & Tackle

Only insect repellent we use at our marina. Does not kill the shrimp in the tanks and our customers love it.

Captain Brian Smith Big Bend Charters

On my boat everyday.

Cricket Mobley Altamaha Trading Company

Covers my human scent when I hunt.


I use Bug Stuff on a small hand towel when I go to walk.. Scent keeps the bitting bugs away.


Thank God, No more seed ticks.

Captain Jeremy Mattingly Crappie Monster & TV show "On the Hook"

I use Bug Stuff filming my TV Shows in buggie environments. Works every time.

Randy Alexander

Keep Bug stuff in my truck, on my porch, outdoor areas around my house. Life is much better with Bug Stuff

Why choose an organic, natural repellent over a chemical one?

We are very passionate about nature, and to demonstrate it, we have created the best  eco-friendly products. Our organic repellents are extremely safe, effective and high performance!

Organic repellent doesn’t contain DEET, a chemical used in many insect repellents. Studies have shown this chemical can impact the body’s central nervous system, potentially leading to seizures. Studies have also identified tumors as a possible consequence of DEET.

Natural repellent can help you feel better. The natural ingredients used to make organic repellent are a natural energizer; they also smell better!

Our product features a natural and organic ingredient known as Nootkatone. Derived from Alaska yellow cedar trees and cold pressed organic grapefruit skin and seeds, Nootkatone possesses a delightful scent and boasts powerful insect-repelling properties.

Organic repellents are healthy for pets. We know that your pets are an important part of your adventurous family, that’s why our product doesn’t contain pesticides.

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